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On Saturday 29th June an evening of live music raised £265 for Fusion Youth and Community.

It was a relaxed and chilled evening of great live music. Hannah Prosser played a 45 minute acoustic set. Her friend Kat also did a 30 minute spot, Andy Prosser also got in on the act playing some of his own songs, click here to listen to some of Andy's recordings. The evening also featured a debut performance from Mercy People: Choir for Justice. The purpose of the evening was to raise money and awareness of Fusion Youth and Community. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the evening - a bit like Glastonbury without the mud and the rain. If you're interested and want to support Fusion further a DVD of the evening is available for £1 on sale soon on a Sunday morning.


Fusion Youth and Community are an international charity. It is a local centre, based in Leyland, led by Andy Prosser. Fusion Youth and Community seeks to work with thoughtful, committed people who want to work togther to make a difference in their local area. Fusion's motto is "Together with Hope." and you can read more about their work here.