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'Fun' seems too small a word!

 ....And this is one instance when quantity makes all the difference.....because we certainly enjoyed a super dollop of fun all week long during our Children's Summer Holiday Club, this year!  Our theme, this time, was 'Rescued!' and we looked at different people in the Bible who played their part, in God's plan, as a Rescuer who commanded the sea (Moses); a Warrior against a giant (David); a Peacemaker at the king's throne (Esther); and a Hero who escapes death (Daniel).  Then, on Friday, we took a close look at the One whom God sent, who was all of them put together.....and much more - His son, Jesus Christ!  Jesus is The Rescuer who walked on the sea; The Warrior on the cross; The Peacemaker at heaven's throne; and The Hero who defeats death. The teams, who represented popular rescuers, were: Fire Fighters, Life Guards, Medics and Soldiers, and they all had heaps of fun building their own team Rescue stations on the Monday.  There was heaps more fun throughout the week with smaller crafts, lots of team games and a balanced mix of singing, dancing, free play and movie time.  As always, the teams competed to win the most points by the end of Friday, with the winning team taking home a few more sweets than the others.  Points are earned through achievement, team work, acts of kindness and good behaviour and the winning team this time was Medics, so "Well done Medics!".

Our Children's Holiday Clubs run for one week at Easter (usually week one of the two week holiday) and one week in summer (usually the first full week of the summer holidays, depending upon when most of the local schools break up for the summer).  We also put on a Children's Holiday Club Hallow Light Party on 31st October each year.  It runs from 6pm-8pm and offers a wholesome, light alternative to the darkness of Hallow'een.

If you'd like to know more about our holiday clubs and/or any of our activities for children, youth and families, contact Karen Whaite on 07754452695 or call our church office on 01772 461454.