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You'll Be Amazed! how much fun our 44 children (and team) had at our Children's Easter Holiday Club this year!

'You'll Be Amazed!' was our theme title as we looked at the powers of some well known 'super heroes'. We had a visit from The Hulk, a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, Batman, Spiderman and Superman. We allowed them all the opportunity to prove how amazing they were and how much better than the other heroes they each were, too, but we soon discovered that they weren't that super after all......None came even close to the one, true super hero: Jesus!

In the usual way, the children were split into teams for the week: Web Warriors; Radar Rascals; Bullet-proof Buddies; and Kryptonite Kids. Each team built their own super hero cave as their base and then, all week, the children enjoyed lots of games, crafts, thoughtful slots, quiet time and free play, through which they could earn their team points. At the end of the week, the winner, by just a small margin, was Radar Rascals, headed up by Liz and Saffron. Well done Radar Rascals! This earned them a few more sweets in their leaving pack!  

A really fantastic time was had by all!

Huge thanks must go to the dedicated, hard-working, voluntary team, without whom these Holiday Clubs could not happen. Thanks team!!

Our Children's Summer Holiday Club registration packs should be available from mid May.  Keep checking our website.