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Easter Holiday Club 2015

This summer's holiday club saw 45 children 'Going for Gold' as they competed in their teams to receive the most sweets in their leaving pack at the end of the week - no greater incentive needed!


Great Britain, South Africa, Canada and Israel competed through a mix of team games, team crafts (BIG and small!), team behaviour and general team work, with Israel being the clear winner at the end. For a time, Great Britain was looking Great but lost the lead halfway through the week. At times it looked close!

Each team built their own winners podiums, boats (BIG and small!) for boat races, team flags, sun visors, discus', windmills and much more. We played some fun, crazy games, too, but also enjoyed some quieter moments as we reflected on the journeys of the apostle Paul who, after an encounter on the road to Damascus, lived his life for Jesus Christ. We looked at how God wants us to run the race of life - lliving, giving and loving the way He wants us to.

A great week was had by all, despite the nasty bug that caught a number of us!

To keep a check on when the next one is (usually a week at Easter and a week at Summer), keep checking our website.

We also have a Hallow Light Party coming up soon - Monday, 31st October.  Look out for this, too.