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This year's Lostock Hall Carnival happened on Saturday, 2nd July and as usual, we at CCF held our refreshments tent and offered face painting, games and friendly chit-chat to all who passed our way.

Many people spoke of how blessed they had been by our presence there on the field and, in particular, by the fact that everything we offered was free. We even took drinks to other stall holders who were thrilled and grateful for the refreshment!

It was a great team effort (about 30 of us) and huge THANKS go out to eveyone who helped in any way (a more detailed 'Thank you' can be found in our bulletin, dated 10th July). We were blessed with a dry day and by the many, many conversations we had with local folk; some familiar faces and some new ones.

Here are just a couple of highlights from CCF folk:

"...being able to pray with a young boy who has a condition from birth, which means he has a permanently broken hip. He would love to run and jump and walk a long way but he can't. I pray I will see him next year with a healed hip!"
(Bev Redman)

"...simply chatting with 3 out of 5 people I've been praying for to follow Jesus....".
(Paul Jackson)

The Lostock Hall Carnival is an annual event, which CCF has been part of for many years now.  If you would like to offer your help at the next one (usually the first Saturday in July), don't wait to let Ian Shepherd or Zoe Richardson know now. Thank you!  You, too, will be blessed!