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ECHC 2016 3

Our Children's Easter Holiday Club 2016 went completely bananas this year as 44 children sang, danced, created some amazing artwork and had a whole load of silly fun 'Going Bananas' for 5 days.


Our Easter theme this year ('Going Bananas!' of course!) focussed on four characters from the Bible who went bananas for God: Noah, Gideon, Elijah and Zacchaeus and each character was the name of one of the four teams.  The children decorated their team's arks with some amazing artwork and made some fantastic looking animals too.  We had fun with handpainting a tree for Zacchaeus, decorating a 'big Elijah' and a fire with more screwed up tissue paper, running obstacle races, playing all sorts of games, singing, dancing.....and let's not forget almost drowning Noah in an hilarious water bomb escapade (in the back yard, of course!) with over 200 water bombs and 44 enthusiastic hurlers!  (Not to mention the team leaders and helpers who couldn't resist getting in on the act!).  

The winning team was Gideon - well done Gideon!  That earned them extra sweets in their leaving pack!

A HUGE 'Thank you!' to the Holiday Club team who gave significantly of their time and energy to make the whole thing possible.  May God bless you for your servant hearts.

Click here to find details of the Children's Summer Holiday Club 2016, coming up at the end of July.  We're 'Going for Gold!'