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Mercy People Thank you

Mercy People's 'Sing For Your Supper' Charity Concert, on Saturday 12th March, not only raised the roof in song but raised over £600 for their 3 charities, too! Click below for the image gallery.


The evening was a huge success and raised a fantastic amount for the Bulabakulu Children's Village (Uganda), The Home of Hope (India) and International Justice Mission (worldwide).  On the night and since, Mercy People have enjoyed and appreciated lots of very positive feedback from many of the 100+ folk who came is support and want to thank those for their encouragement. 

"The choir were really great and the band were fantastic, too! .....[and] ....You were a great audience!"  Ruth Hooke.

Please see our bulletin for the full list of 'Thank You's!

To join the Mercy People choir or simply learn more about Mercy People, click here.