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Youth at Energi

CCF Youth, along with nearly 120 other young people, had a bouncing great time on Friday, 4th March.


A great night of fun and friendship was had at Energi Trampolining Park in Preston as lots of young people from 3 churches across the local area and their friends came together to trampoline until they dropped!

The fun was spread over 2 hours of chaotic, sweaty, energised, fantastic fun - all adding to a very memorable night.

When asked whether they'd enjoyed it, a good number of them puffed out their answers along this line: "We sooo have to do that again!" 

I think we can safely say it was a success. So, thanks go to the youth teams across the 3 churches (including our own Youth Leader, L J Warren) who organised the event and then had the very uneviable task of organising a huge, buzzing crowd of teenagers at the Trampoline Park. Thanks, also, to anybody else who helped with this on the many bodies and so hard to see who was there, doing what!!

All in all - a great night!