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The Pinninty family, accompanied by two church leaders and a trustee of their charity, Fountain of Life Ministries, flew from Manchester Airport this week for a three week ministry trip to the Home of Hope in Bhongir, India.

All went well at the check-ins apart from one adult going missing for the team photo! Unusually they had spare capacity instead of having to leave precious things behind. The three Pinninty boys each carried their own bags, even little Ethan, and although very excited to be returning to India once again, behaved like the seasoned travellers they are.

EthanPinnintywebIsaacPinnintywebTimothyPinnintywebThe team have a full itinerary, but recognising the challenges of adapting to Indian life, as well as the jet lag, Sundar and Sarah have built in space for their British guests. Alan & Phil, elders of the Church in the Peak, Matlock, will be leading a Pastor's Conference, bringing approx. 50 pastors to the Home of Hope. Their theme will be Grace. They and Alison will also be involved in the opening of new sewing centres in tribal villages, church services and aid distribution.

The Home of Hope welcomed its fifth child last week, a little girl found abandoned on a railway station. She is very small and emaciated but is now receiving love, care and treatment at the Home of Hope.