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CCF has supported the Bulabakulu Children's Village since it was founded over 10 years ago. We have just received news of an imminent food crisis for the children at Bulabakulu. Find out more here.  


Here at CCF we have been supporting Pastor Joshua and the Kibuli Church in Kampala since 1999. During that time, his vision for a Children's Village for street children has come to fruition and currently supports about 200 children with a school attached. Other people and agencies have got involved and provided significant support for the project, one of these paying £2,000 per month for food. Last month they gave notice of discontinuing this support. Chris & Andy Bull, who have also been major supporters of the village (making annual trips and funding the development of substantial accommodation, solar power etc.),are spearheading an initiative to replace this funding. Please take a look at all the information in this week's CCF Bulletin and pray and consider whether you can help in some way.

There's more information from Chris and Andy Bull and AGLM here, with ways you could help.

Thank you.