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On Thursday 25th September we celebrated 6 years of helping people out of debt with Christians Against Poverty.

In addition to 6 years of a CAP Debt Help centre, we also celebrated 3 years of a local job club and promoted our new CAP Release groups. Around 70 of us gathered together to celebrate a mix of professionals, local councillors, referal agencies, people and organisations who've funded the different initiatives, volunteers, debt help clients and job club members. It was great to pause and look back at all that's been achieved in the last few years. The debt help centre has worked with hundreds of people seeing 50 clients become debt free and many more on their way. The job club has worked with over 170 different individuals helping them take positive steps back into employment. Our team, in partnership with Lostock Hall Academy, has delivered financial education sessions to 250 young people in the last academic year.

The best part of the celebration was hearing stories of debt help clients and job club members who'd been helped and in some cases had their lives transformed by these CAP services. Lorraine, in telling her story about debt, the misery it caused, but now the journey out of debt she's on finished by saying:

"My life has turned around completely. I'm so happy now."

Jill Jackson, Debt Help centre manager said: "It's been fantastic today to celebrate the work of Christians Against Poverty. We've celebrated past achievements and current developments, but I'm also looking forward to future celebrations as we see more people empowered, encouraged and moving towards a fuller, freer life."

Today's celebration also profiled the new CAP Release Groups which will help people find freedom from life controlling habits. So that means that Christians Against Poverty in South Ribble can offer debt help and financial education through the debt centre, step by step help into employment through job clubs and freedom from habits and addictions through release groups. The team heading up these initiatives are, from left to right: Sarah Downie (Debt Advisor and CAP Money Coach), Paul Jackson (Job Club Coach), Mark Willett (Job Club Manager and CAP Money Coach), Jill Jackson (Debt Centre Manager), LJ Warren (Youth worker and CAP Money Coach) and Barbara Coates (Release Group Manager and Job Club Coach).

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