The Partners of CCF course explains, over 3 interactive sessions, what it means to be committed as a partner of Calvary Christian Fellowpartners & friends logo.jpgship.

Session 1: A Place to Belong

Session2: A God to Worship and Serve

Session 3: A Love to Share

During the course, participants are invited to complete a form if they wish to become partners of Calvary Christian Fellowship. The course is rounded off with an opportunity for participants to meet and talk with a couple of the church leaders about partnership, what it might mean for them personally and how they can be actively involved.


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As part of the course we recommend that you try the following Spiritual Gifts Questionnaire.

Download both links below to do the questionnaire and find out what your results mean.

1. Print out this Spiritual Gifts Questionnaire to read and answer the questions.

2. Type your answers into this Excel spreadsheet - Spiritual Gifts Analysis -  to see which are your top gifts.a



We invite anyone who is not ready to make the commitments of Partnership to be a "Friend of CCF". Follow this link to find out more and download a little form that you can use to apply to become a friend of CCF and receive a weekly e-mail communication called "Friday Feed".