The Partners of CCF course explains, over 3 interactive sessions, what it means to be committed as a partner of Calvary Christian Fellowpartners & friends logo.jpgship.

Session 1: A Place to Belong

Session2: A God to Worship and Serve

Session 3: A Love to Share

During the course, participants are invited to complete a form if they wish to become partners of Calvary Christian Fellowship. The course is rounded off with a meal together and an opportunity for participants to meet and talk with a couple of the church leaders about partnership, what it might mean for them personally and how they can be actively involved.


To find out more about the next course contact us.


As part of the course we recommend that you try the following Spiritual Gifts Questionnaire.

Download both links below to do the questionnaire and find out what your results mean.

1. Print out this Spiritual Gifts Questionnaire to read and answer the questions.

2. Type your answers into this Excel spreadsheet - Spiritual Gifts Analysis -  to see which are your top gifts.a



We invite anyone who is not ready to make the commitments of Partnership to be a "Friend of CCF". Follow this link to find out more and download a little form that you can use to apply to become a friend of CCF and receive a weekly e-mail communication called "Friday Feed". 

About us

We're ordinary people of all ages and from all walks of life living in Lostock Hall, Preston, Penwortham, Leyland, Clayton Brook, Chorley and various other districts in Central Lancashire who come together regularly to worship God, and to discover and do whatever He wants us to do.

church hall

Our oldest members are in their 80s and we've quite a few new babies, but most of us are somewhere in between!  We're families, some with one parent and some with two, we're singles, we're young people and students, some of us work and wish we didn't and some of us don't work and wish we did!

What we have in common is that we have an interest in just how Jesus Christ can change our lives and make them purposeful and fulfilling. Some of us have been on the road, following him for many years, and others of us are only just beginning to investigate authentic Christianity. Whoever you are and whatever your stage in life's journey, you're very welcome to join with us to find out more.

Our Pastor is Graham Hooke. Click here to find out more about him.

We are also members of the Evangelical Alliance and New Wine network. 


History of our Building

To see some photos and read about the history of our building click here .



Our Beliefs

eaOur Statement of Faith is an important foundation stone. It is a statement of beliefs agreed upon by most churches who, like us, are part of the Evangelical Alliance (The EA. are a large and influential national grouping of Christian churches, organisations and individuals). Because this statement is written in theological language we've included a translation into everyday English!

We believe in:

The full inspiration of the Holy Scriptures, their authority and sufficiency as not only containing but, being in themselves the word of God; the reliability of the New Testament in its testimony to the character and authorship of the Old Testament and the need of the teaching of the Holy Spirit to a true and spiritual understanding of the whole.
The unity of the Godhead and the divine co-equality of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit; the sovereignty of God in creation, providence and redemption.
The total depravity of human nature in consequence of the Fall, and the necessity for regeneration.
The true and proper Deity of our Lord Jesus Christ; His virgin birth, His real and perfect manhood; the authority of His teaching, and the infallibility of all His utterances; His work of atonement for sinners of mankind by His substitutionary sufferings and death; His bodily resurrection and His ascension into Heaven; and His present priestly intercession for His people at the right hand of the Father.
The justification of the sinner solely by faith in our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.
The necessity of the work of the Holy Spirit in regeneration, conversion, and sanctification; also in ministry and in worship.
The Universal Church, the body of which Christ is the Head, embracing all the redeemed, called by God through the gospel, born of the Spirit and justified by faith; the local Church comprising such believers as the expression of the Universal Church; and fellowship between such Churches, manifesting the unity of the body of Christ.
The ordinances of Believers' Baptism and the Lord's Supper as being instituted by our Lord Jesus Christ, but not in baptism as conveying regeneration grace, nor in the Lord's Supper as being a sacrifice for sin nor involving any change in the substance of the bread and wine.
The personal return of the Lord Jesus Christ in glory.
The resurrection of the body; the judgement of the world by our Lord Jesus Christ, with the eternal blessedness of the righteous and the eternal punishment of the wicked.

Modern English Version

This is an "easier to understand" version of our Statement Of Faith. We believe in:

One God who has always existed as Father, Son & Holy Spirit.
The creation, by God, of all men and women who have, however, all been spoiled by sin.
The true deity and true humanity of our Lord Jesus Christ, His virgin birth and the authority of His teaching.
The perfect life, sacrificial death, resurrection and ascension into heaven of the Lord Jesus.
The forgiveness of sins and restoration to a relationship with God through faith in Jesus.
The personal return of Jesus in power and glory.
The ultimate judgement of the world by our Lord Jesus Christ.
The need for the work of the Holy Spirit in giving new life and empowering those who believe for living and serving in a way which please God.
The scriptures, inspired by God and the final authority in the Church for belief and behaviour.
The worldwide Church made up of all those who are committed in faith and discipleship to the Lord Jesus.
The practice of baptism and the celebration of communion for those who have become Christians.