Bamford x The Rodnik Band Snoopy Customized Rolex Limited Edition Watch replica

Unique Aftermarket Modifications For a sometimes interesting hose in the world of Rolex watches, you should take note of this Limited Edition Banford Watch Division x Rodonic Band Snoopy Rolex Datejust watch. Bamford is once again using Charles Schultz’s peanut-style watch with fashion brand Rodonic Bands, this time with Snoopy and Woodstock.

This latest Bamford Watch Department (BWD) x Rodnik Band Snoopy watch uses the Rolex Datejust Basic (36mm wide), which was used in previous collaborations with a refinished black replica rolex watches and Snoopy dial. It was previously produced in a limited edition that was a 40mm wide case and the Snoopy dial was fitted with sunglasses. In this latest watch, there is a memorable Snoopy (again using the arm as a hand), while Woodstock rests on the black face at the end of the second hand.

Incidentally, this Banford Watch Division x Rodonic Band Snoopy tailored Rolex Datejust watch is sorely lacking in proper dial size schemes. That said, their design should be proportionate to Snoopy’s body – an understandable design choice. I think few people would be inclined to buy a custom Rolex watch by Bamford Watch Department x The Rodnik Band Snoopy, as they tend to be accurate watch tools. Of course, nevertheless, since it is a luxury rolex Watch with a Rolex automatic mechanical movement, it can show the time during the modification.

Interestingly, the Rodnik Bands logo is on the dial only. Most of the watches in the Banford watch department carry the Rolex logo and add the name above the text near the bottom of the dial. It obviously makes sense here, as there is a fully customized dial that includes the hands. Among those who buy such watches, people are often less interested in luxury watches because they are “cool and expensive items”. For example, the first Rolex Milgauss, custom-made by Bamford’s watch division, Rodnik Band Snoopy, were sold through Paris-based retailer Colette.

In addition to the custom Snoopy and Woodstock dials, Bamford also customised the Rolex Datejust case, which has a matte finish compared to the regular polished and brushed surfaces. Not only does this change the character of the watch, but it also adds pop to the color. I really appreciate that it’s more than just a custom dial.

Rodnik already has a Peanuts character license and offers other Peanuts products, such as apparel and accessories. The brand was founded by Philip Colbert, a fusion of fashion and pop art/culture. A lot of Rodnik’s stuff is really weird and most people wouldn’t consider buying it, but it’s weird that people want to see these pictures of things. Think shark-themed tote bags or Campbell’s tomato soup sets. George Bamford of Bamford Watch Division shares a passion for peanuts and their joint watch product is actually one of Rodnik’s more ‘normal’ looking products.

The box is one of the interesting elements of the custom sophisticated imitation rolex watch made by Banford Watch Division x Rodonic Band Snoopy and is designed to look like a ‘Banfordised’ version of Snoopy’s doghouse. The kit also includes a Woodstock-style USB storage drive. These add-ons are custom made for this limited edition set.

Although most traditional watch enthusiasts have little appeal for Snoopy’s custom Rolex dial avant-garde…. But these watches do lend themselves to artistic types, with disposable income and personality. People wear them. The animation comes from an improved luxury watch feature from one of the world’s foremost luxury brands. This 2015 Banford Watch Division x Rodonic Band Snoopy Rolex Datejust is limited to 25 pieces and retails for £16,500.