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One of the coolest and most unique clubs in the watch industry, with few new members. Famous astronaut, Buzz Aldrin, crazy genius / technologist / bubble entrepreneur, Elon Musk, music wizard, Brian Eno The producer of the 11th documentary with Apollo is the latest winner of the Stephen Hawking Science Communication Award. In addition to this award, some winners will also replica omega watches Professional “Starmas” watches.

This year’s Starmass Art Festival in Zurich brings together world-renowned lighting professionals from the scientific, art and film industries. Since 2016, the Stephen Hawking Science Communication Award has been awarded to a small group of people who are committed to continuously enriching people’s lives and ideas.

Professor Stephen Hawking summarized the contribution and importance of the following winners in awarding the first medal. “By interacting with everyone from elementary school students to politicians to pensioners, science communicators are the core science of everyday life. It is important to bring science to humans and me.”

Since 2017, luxury omega watch has been supporting the event and providing a special Speedmaster for the winners. This is the second time we received the Omega Speedmaster Professional Starmas watch in 2019 because there was no award ceremony in 2018.

The medal design is reflected on the bottom cover of the dedicated speed controller (but the bottom cover is not the color of the medal itself). The medals show various miracles with images of astronauts (more precisely, Alexander Leonov) and images of the “Red Special” guitar owned and associated with Queen Brian May. A tribute to a very different but equally exciting field. Both support the implementation of the award.

Previous winners of the luxury high configuration omega watch Special Awards were 2017 musician Jean Michel Jarre, astrophysicist and science writer Neil Degras Tyson, and television . The creator and actor of the show “The Big Bang Theory”. From the picture below, you can see that the first watch is completely different from the model of the year.

This year’s award-winning crew will receive the compact 18K Sedona ™ Gold Compact Speedmaster Moon Watch. The new product is based on the so-called “the first OMEGA in space”. In 1962, during the mission of Sigma 7 to Mercury, a legendary belt was tied to Walter Schiller’s wrist. Aesthetically, it is almost the same as the Omega Speedmaster’s “first watch”, but in this case, it was launched on the Sedona ™ Gold spacecraft in 2015. Unlike reference numbers 105.012 and 145.012, Omega has classified the “FOIS” model. As a lunar clock, this is a bit strange, but in fact both watches are on the surface of the moon. Despite differences among purists, the golden version of “FOIS” has attracted the attention of many integrators. I think you can use this model to do the same. Like other Speedmasters (such as the dark side of the moon), this special version of Starmass is categorized as Moonwatch under the name of copy omega watches , which purists believe is worth mentioning. This is not very similar.

The size of the 2017 Starmus model is 42 mm, which is the same as the reference model 311. (39.7 mm) in 2015. This iteration of this iconic watch features a brown polished ceramic bezel and frosted chrome nitride tachymeter scale. These warm elements are paired with the Sedona ™ gold case and blend perfectly with the brown PVD dial. The center of the dial is opaque silver with contrasting colors.

Reinaldo Eschliman, President and CEO of OMEGA, won the award. “It is an honor to stand out among so many respected names in the scientific community. They have made great contributions to human understanding and progress. Omega has its own advantages. We create history and future in space and participate in celebration Activities and learning. We are happy to share our common pursuit of excellence. “
Eno is recognized for its contribution to science communication. Musk and his SpaceX company have made great progress and other pursuits in space travel. Todd Douglas Miller (Todd Douglas Miller) is the protagonist behind the stunning “Apollo 11” documentary, which provides new, realistic space exploration highlights. Omega ambassador Baz Aldrin won the “Lifetime Achievement Award” and encouraged people around the world to fight for it.