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Senior Pastor at Calvary Christian Fellowship

Graham joined CCF in 1978. His main role was as a worship leader before joining the full-time staff in 1993 and becoming senior leader in 1997. Previously he was Deputy Headteacher of a Penwortham primary school.

He and his wife, Ruth, lead Mercy People, a community choir for justice.They have two children, Sarah and Lydia, and three grandsons.

Sermons: 79  Series: 16 

Paul joined CCF in 1996, serving as a youth leader and elder before being appointed to the staff in 2004 as Associate Pastor. He worked previously as a Data Systems Engineer. From 2016-18 he was our Community Mission Pastor splitting his time between working for CCF and working for CAP (Christians against Poverty).

Paul is married to Jill and they have three children, Hannah, Joshua and Beth.

Sermons: 23  Series: 11 

Jill Jackson was our CAP (Christians against Poverty) Centre Manager from 2009 - 2018, helping people out of debt. She is married to Paul and has three children.

Sermons: 1  Series: 1 
Sermons: 11  Series: 7 

Paul was a pastor of CCF from 2004-2018 and Jill was the CAP Debt Centre Manager at CCF from 2009-2018.

Sermons: 4  Series: 3 
Sermons: 1  Series: 1 
Sermons: 1  Series: 1 
Sermons: 1  Series: 1 

Paul and Miriam both have a background in education, supporting pupils at different stages of their learning life.

In church, Miriam leads our Splat - Messy Church community and Paul is one of the leaders of our music team. Paul and Miriam are artistic, creative and musical playing a range of instruments. Paul also regularly writes a blog which you can read here.

Paul and Miriam have been married for over 20 years, have two boys and so maybe don't look exactly like their picture.

Sermons: 2  Series: 2 

Bev is a learning mentor in a local primary school.

In the past she's served as an elder in CCF and is now part of our Discipleship Pathways team. She leads Harbour, one of our small groups, and also heads up our 'Healing Choices' course. She has a desire for people to be freed from past mistakes and hurts so that they can experience and enjoy the full life that God intends for them.

In her own words, she is "simply wonderful"!

Sermons: 7  Series: 6 

Director of Advance Performance

Heather Wright is one of the founding directors of Advance Performance, a provider of corporate and personal development.

She is an inspirational speaker, facilitator and author and has delivered speeches and workshops to public services and large multinational companies in the UK, Europe and Australia. She is a qualified behavioural analyst.

Heather is married and has two sons. Amongst many other things she enjoys free-fall parachuting!

Sermons: 1  Series: 1 
Sermons: 1  Series: 1 

Andy is one of CCF's worship leaders and is a top guitarist and musician. He is married to Clare and has four children, two of which, Sam and Hannah, are currently also involved in CCF in youth, music and tech.

He is the co-ordinator for Fusion Youth and Community UK’s Preston centre. Fusion are involved in youth cafes, community festivals, parenting courses, youthwork trainingand more – Fusion YAC seeks to work to help make a difference in their local area and their motto is: "Together with Hope".

Andy's favourite past times are song writing, hill walking and photography.

Sermons: 2  Series: 2 

LJ is youth worker at CCF. Becky is a trained physiotherapist working in the NHS. Becky and LJ were married at CCF in July 2012 and they have one little girl, Darcey.

Sermons: 1  Series: 1 
Sermons: 5  Series: 5 
Sermons: 1  Series: 1 
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Sermons: 5  Series: 5 
Sermons: 6  Series: 5