Mary Wilson is a qualified counsellor. Adopted as a baby and suffering abuse as a child and in her teens, her honesty and openess helps others to discover the freedom and redemption in Christ that she herself has found.

Gary Fielding is a head of year at a High School with responsibility for young people who face great challenges in life. Gary is very well qualified for this role because he experienced similar challenges as a young person. Some of his experiences are still raw and recent but he too shares bravely, with honesty and humour about how God and the church have helped him to do more than survive but to conquer!

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Our Bible teaching series through to Easter is "Pray!"

If asked the question "Why pray?" the best answer is probably, "Because Jesus did!" If he needed to pray then those who claim to be His followers can hardly expect not to! Yet it is true that many Christians find prayer difficult or feel guilty about their lack of prayer.

This series is not intended to make anyone feel guilty. We'd much rather see people motivated by encouragement than guilt! So we hope that this series will open up the possibilities of prayer in all kinds of ways that deepen our relationship with our loving God and see lives changed. That's exciting isn't it?

When Jesus' disciples saw the power of prayer in their Master's life they wanted to know the secret. He taught them. He gave them a radically different way of connecting with God by talking about Him as Father and giving them the Lord's Prayer. That's where this series begins.