CAP Community

Our CAP Community Drop-in runs from 10am - 12noon fortnightly on a Thursday.

pausebrewJill Jackson, our CAP Debt Centre Manager, explains why we're doing CAP Community ...

Do you like to have a cup of tea and a sit down?

Do you like to have a chat with friends?

Do you like to sit quietly and pray?

Well, we offer CAP Community to give clients the opportunity to do those things; have a brew and a cake; meet new friends; and, if they would like to, sit quietly and pray/ reflect in our prayer space. Clients can have a short appointment slot with myself, to update info on their CAP account, check savings, fill in forms, make phone calls and keep their case moving along. We wanted to provide a place for clients to come and 'be' and have a break.

CAP Community is an opportunity for clients to ACT and to PAUSE. Volunteers will meet for a time of reflective prayer. Then from 10.00am -12 noon the Drop-in will be open.

Drinks and cakes will be given to clients and they can sit and chat, have an appointment slot or sit in the prayer space. This is also a time when we can catch up with befrienders. We will end with some reflection on how the morning has gone.

Please pray for us in this new way of working. Please pray for all who come along. Like Elijah, when he fell asleep under the broom tree, we all need times of rest and refreshment. After sleep, God provided food and drink to enable Elijah to carry on. Please pray that as clients pause from their sometimes busy and stressful lives they would be refreshed. Pray, too, that we can be efficient in getting work done with clients. Pray as clients receive invites to the Drop-in, both verbally and through the post, that they would come along. May we all learn to PAUSE and ACT.


If you are able to make cakes for CAP Community, please contact Julie Gilpin by texting or calling on 07739561669.

Thanks for your support.

Our current dates are:

Thursdays 2017
23rd November
14th December

2018 dates to be confirmed.