Comment prolonger la durée de vie des montres mécaniques!

Branded watches are very accurate timekeeping instruments and are therefore expensive. In order to extend the life of your watch as long as possible, you need to know about the care of your branded watch. So, when I purposefully consulted with my Renault Watch Cabinet sister, who I frequent, I shared an important perspective.

Current mechanical meters are very water resistant, e.g. 30M, 50M, 100M. Under normal conditions, it prevents water vapor from entering the air, and never for water. Although the Renault replica watch is highly waterproof, it should be kept carefully during normal use and removed when bathing or swimming. Do not open the case while wearing it, otherwise dust, fibers and water vapor will get inside the watch and affect the travel time of the watch. My own Renault watch is a 316L stainless steel see-through back, and you can see the movement directly from the back, so you don’t have to open it.

Mechanical tables have some anti-magnetic properties, but should avoid contact with strong magnetic fields to prevent magnetization of parts and change the travel time of the table. Compare the connection between the strap and the head of a mechanical luxury high configuration watch , the metal strap, the case and glass to the front bezel of the case, the gap between the back cover and the case and the magnifying glass of the watch in everyday wear. If it’s easy to get dirty, or if you’re worried about cleaning, you can also visit the brand’s aftermarket outlet or specialty store for cleaning. If you have a professional problem with your watch, it is recommended that you have it repaired at an aftermarket shop to avoid a repeat accident. Maintenance fees will be charged after the warranty, but there will be no loss from the entire watch being scrapped.

If you do not use a mechanical sophisticated imitation  watch for a long time, please be careful of the storage environment and do not put sanitary or mothballs in the closet. … Parts that stand for a long time may affect the mechanical operation of the watch. It is best to wind your watch on a regular monthly basis. For self-winding watches, a few minutes of gentle shaking is enough to keep the lubricant from curing and affecting travel time.

Wearing mechanical watches is fashionable and attitudinal, and more and more people like to wear mechanical watches from famous brands. Routine maintenance must continue while we are buying and wearing the watch. For example, if you can’t confirm the water resistance of your watch, or if you use a replica rolex watch with a leather strap, dry it with a soft cloth if possible. Take care not to expose the watch to corrosive liquids or gases such as acids, bases or salts. Especially when using the watch in summer, the case can rust due to prolonged perspiration. These methods apply to most mechanical watches. Hopefully it will help confirm my shares and keep the mechanical table in place and extend its life.

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